Welcome to the Centre for Story

Based on my belief that stories are powerful transformational tools, for individuals and cultures, the Centre for Story is devoted to exploring and celebrating the purpose and potential of story. Its focus is on the art and the craft of writing, but importantly it also seeks to understand the function of story and its transformative power, as well as the mysteries of the creative process. For many years I have been following a winding and many branched path, into the heart of story and its purpose. The Centre for Story is my way of sharing some of what I am discovering along the way. It’s a cross disciplinary exploration of the linkages between modern story, myth, ancient spiritual traditions, nature traditions, transpersonal psychology and creativity. And its focus is on seeking a synthesis of these ideas rather than an analysis of story and its elements from a single perspective.

The Centre also facilitates me offering my professional services as a mentor, editor, workshop facilitator and speaker, in order to encourage and enable writers to develop their creative projects. I am particularly excited by fiction or non-fiction that explores psychological and/or spiritual journeys; works that offer alternative perspectives to what we consider ‘normal’, that broaden our horizons, enabling us to see through the world as we know it; works that help to deprogram us and enable us to become true individuals; and works that encourage us to embrace new visions for the world. By this I don’t mean sentimental or saccharin writing, but rather those stories that take the world as it is and in some way transform the chaos into harmony. After all, it is time that we consider more carefully what stories we choose to engage with, for if stories can heal us, then they can also heal the world, not just helping us to evolve as individuals but also as communities and nations.

I am gradually adding new resources to Centre for Story, inviting voices from a range of disciplines to provide new perspectives, and reviewing the books I discover that enrich our knowledge of the ways in which writing and reading enable us to find our voice, heal old wounds, let go of the stories that do not serve us well and rediscover the power of the imagination in order to reconcile the past with the present and ultimately to create a more hopeful future.