Manuscript assessment/developmental edit:   up to 70,000 words:              £300  (AUS$600)

71,000 to 100,000 words:     £350  (AUS$700)

Over 100,000 words, add £2 (AUS$4) per 1000 words

Second assessment :   10% reduction

Short assessment:      up to 10,000 words & a synopsis and cover letter:            £100  (AUS$200)

Mentoring:                    £50  (AUS$100) per hour for skype meetings and reading chapters

Plus developmental edit fee for complete manuscript.

For example: A one year mentorship with monthly meetings, would include ten meetings £500 (AUS$1000)

plus reading time £250-500 (AUS$500-1000)

plus one developmental edit (see above)

Overall this would be approx £1100  (AUS$2200) Fees would vary slightly according to length of submissions and overall length of finished manuscript.

Workshops and Talks:  Fees vary according to participant numbers and the hosting organisation so I adapt my fees as required or operate my workshops on a gift basis on the understanding that my basic costs are covered. This means that I ask participants to book their place in a workshop and pay a deposit. They are then free to make a donation based on what they can afford.

For those on a limited income there is some flexibility with fees and they will also vary for other currencies so do get in touch if you would to discuss this further.

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